Realignment Recommendations for 2021-2022

By Diane Pleuss, DTM

Things change and this year is no exception! Once a year we review the alignment of all our clubs to be certain there aren’t too few or too many clubs per Area and that the Areas are also aligned within each Division.

A special Realignment committee has been tasked with this assignment. Members include: Terri Boudreaux, Tod Henry, Steve Taddei and Diane Pleuss, chair.

First, the committee decided on the following approach:

  • Remove clubs that are not continuing.
  • Add new clubs that have been formed this year.
  • Organize clubs equitably in an Area: not < 3 or > 6.
  • Organize clubs geographically and consider the “mix” of clubs (strong and not-so-strong clubs, meeting day and time, corporate and open clubs, etc.)

As we reviewed the data, we noted these comments:

  • This is a snapshot in time. We won’t have the final data from TI till April 10.
  • Covid has affected clubs – some positively and others adversely.
  • If there are minimal changes, we recommend leaving as is.
  • If there are significant changes, we will consult with the appropriate Area and Division Directors for their input.

Here is a link to a presentation that reviews all Divisions and Area recommendations for the 2021-2022 Toastmaster year. Click here for the detailed Realignment Update, approach, and strategy.

We welcome your questions and suggestions and will be hosting a special Town Hall on Tuesday, April 13 to garner additional input. Then, we’ll make a final recommendation and presentation at the May 1 District business meeting. We appreciate your support.