Toastmasters Reports

Finding Toastmaster Data – A Guide to Reports

Toastmasters publishes reports on club performance, member awards, and other data useful to club or district leaders.
Newer leaders: here’s where to find the data  you will need over the year.
Experienced leaders:  Almost every report has a new web address, grab the new URL’s here.

Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

Access to DCP data has changed completely for 2012-2013.  Get the details with some tips to help:

DCP reports for 2011-2012 and earlier are still available in the “old” format at:

The Essentials – the “Raw Data”

Other than DCP data, most reports are now found at this new address:

What’s available under that page:

  • Educational awards, current and past years
  • Dues Renewal Status (October & April)
  • Club Officer List Submitted Status (July & January)
  • New clubs and Prospective club lists
  • Club Sponsors, Mentors and Coaches lists

Club and Membership Contest Winners

WHQ also keeps lists of winners of recent year international Club and Membership contests, including the Smedley award, Talk Up Toastmasters, Beat the Clock and Membership contests, like the Member Sponsor award.  Check them out here:

Summaries and Histories – Crunching the Data

DCP-Related Data

Another part of the Toastmasters reports pages provides very useful summaries and rollups, some with graphics to help spot patterns.
It is located at:      (scroll down and click on District 57)

  • Annual reports (open the most recent) – has great chronological summaries of the past performance of divisions, areas and clubs. AGs, consult this report to see a very compact summary of the performance of any club in your area.
  • “Almost Distinguished” clubs – which clubs are close (and maybe need just a little help). Really useful in the last quarter of the Toastmaster year!
  • DCP Report, summarizing membership and DCP score for every club, by area and division, for the last four years – in one table.
  • Area to-do’s – a great summary of what you need to get your area to the next level!
  • Division Governor Dashboard – Every DCP score category summarized by area, in one easy-to-read table.
  • The Daily Report (listed by date) – a daily short wrap up on status of club dues, officer lists, educational awards. Very useful near deadline dates.
  • The Weekly Report (dates with * beside them) – a series of key metrics

Educational Award Searches

Sometimes you need to see all the past history on awards, not just the current year, or one specific past year. For that, go to There are currently four types of reports available (check back occasionally to see what’s new).
All have the option to import into a spreadsheet to support your custom analysis.

  • Club Education History – show all the awards by all members credited to a club since 2003.
  • Member Education History – show all the awards for a member, credited to any club.
    • Within the district
    • Across several districts
    • Worldwide
    • Award types – show all the awards of a given type, e.g., list all the DTM’s earned just this year, or since 2003
    • Same choices as for Member history
  • DPR Membership Analysis – the DCP by Area/Division with added columns summarizing membership and retention
  • Club URL List – Generate a spreadsheet with the URL of each club, to use to check their website

Even More Reports – Data sliced, diced and served fresh

Here’s a series of additional reports, written by Mike Raffety/PID in D30. These reports show additional trend line and analysis data that would be time-consuming to generate by hand. (click on Reports, then District 57). There are several reports, check these first:

  • Clubs not recently distinguished – shows clubs that haven’t been distinguished in a long time, up to those that just haven’t managed it recently.
    In this report, click the club number to be taken to the club’s listing in the latest Annual Report, so you can view their history and think about what kind of help they might need.
  • Club Coach Report – lists Coaches currently serving, and a (much longer) list of clubs that are eligible for a coach.
  • Analysis of membership retention by division/area/club – the first table has links that are clickable for drill-down.

But Wait, There’s More: Maps !

The best district map available, IMHO, is at the Unofficial Toastmasters site, It’s great because it has links to click in to see just a division, or even just an area. Also, when you click on a club icon, it shows the club’s last three years of DCP results.

It also has reports of summary DCP data and is unique of all the reports listed here in that you can download an Excel spreadsheet with multiple worksheets, including one sheet per division.

Want to see where all the districts are? WHQ provides a map showing where all the regions and districts are. Check it out here:


This collection of links was compiled by George Marshall, DTM, in District 57.
Send questions or suggestions to me at gdmarshall (at)