The Toastmasters Tips Segment

By Sujatha Iyer

As part of my Innovative Planning, Level 4, Manage Project Successfully initiative, I started a project at my club, Trident Toastmasters. We introduced a new segment called “Toastmasters Tips Segment” at our club meetings. We have had this segment for over a month now and it has been well received. We plan to make this ongoing.

How does our Toastmasters Tips Segment work?

Our meetings begin with the Toastmasters Tips Segment. The assigned member reads out one tip from the tips page Tips are picked in sequential order from that page and the assigned member is chosen alphabetically. This segment is defined as a prepared 1-2 min speech. This has been a popular addition to our agenda and is welcomed by all.

For example, recently, our newest member Arpana Kannu presented Tip #3, “Practice makes permanent”. She associated this tip with her preparation of the Ice Breaker speech. She mentioned how she wrote her draft speech which took a completely different shape after several iterations of practice. She shared how eye-opening it is to put so many hours into a 5-7 min speech. She emphasized that Practice should become permanent to get the best out of Toastmasters.

We gain insights

Through this segment, the Toastmasters curriculum gets re-emphasized in our members. Fresh in their minds, we see the members apply these tips to their upcoming speeches. We witness how these tips enable our members to enjoy their Toastmasters journey even better.

It’s Your Turn!

We see no reason why such a segment can’t be adopted and adapted by other clubs, such as YOURS! How about it?