Train The Trainer Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020

7 Reasons why you want to train to be a Trainer!

Remember the last great workshop you attended where you felt empowered with the learning & self-discovery and couldn’t wait to try out the new skills you learned?

Want to have the same power to make a difference in many others’ lives? You have the golden opportunity!

Register to attend the FREE Train-the-Trainer event offered by District 57. You’ll come away with knowing how to:

  1. Use Gap Analysis to determine training objectives, materials
  2. Create a lesson plan based on adult learning styles
  3. Choose the right training methods to engage participants
  4. Apply facilitative techniques
  5. Measure Audience Engagement
  6. Evaluate the training program
  7. Document Lessons Learned

Join the scores of other trainers who have taken advantage of this program in the years past.

Being a trainer is more than being a speaker.