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Who is on the District Council?

The District Council is comprised of District Executive Leadership, Area Directors, Division Directors, Club Presidents (or their proxy) and Vice Presidents of Education (or their proxy).

When are District Council Meetings?

District 57 holds two District Council Meetings (DCM) each year. These are often listed in the conference agendas as Business Meetings. In 2017-2018, District Council Meetings will take place on Saturday November 4th, 2017 and Saturday May 5th, 2018.

Why do District Council Meetings Matter?

At these meetings, we make decisions affecting the whole District and every single club within it. We consider and vote on items such as:

  • Electing district officers
  • Changing district procedures and bylaws
  • Re-aligning clubs
  • Approving the District Success Plan
  • Approving budgets
  • And much more

Any Toastmaster may attend a District Council Meeting. However, only the voting members of the District Council (listed above) may make motions, discuss motions, vote, and transact other business.

Club Presidents, Vice Presidents of Education, not able to Attend?
Assign Your Vote to Another Member of Your Club

It is important that we have a quorum of voting members at the District Council Meeting in order to be able to discuss and vote on issues. Therefore, if you are a Club President or a Club Vice President of Education, and will not be able to attend the District Council Meeting, please click here to download and fill out the Proxy Form.  The proxy form allows you to assign your vote to another member of your club so that we have a quorum, and so that your voice may be heard!

If you have questions about the District Council Meeting or Proxy Form, please contact the District Administration Manager, Beth Lacerna at admin.manager@d57tm.org.

How is the District Executive Committee Different?

The District Executive Council Meeting (DECM) is a monthly meeting in which District Officers and members of District committees discuss club, area, division and district goals as well as conduct other district business and obtain leadership training that can help them in their roles. District officers, club officers and club members – everyone – is welcome to attend. Learn more about DECM.