Back to the Future with Pathways!

In a few short weeks we will start a new Toastmasters year.  Do you still have unmet educational goals and aspirations?   Lindy Sinclair will show you how to achieve your self-selected and self-paced goals via Pathways at her webinar June 3, 2021.  Pathways has been with us in District 57 for over 4 years.  Are you a Toastmaster member who is just getting acquainted with it?  If so, back to the future we go!  Lindy Sinclair will show what you get when you buy a Path in PATHWAYS.  Pathways is rich with videos and tutorials and has a vast array of projects from which you can choose.   As with all the webinars in this series, there will be plenty of time for your questions.  Therefore, don’t be shy. Complex or foundational questions, all are welcomed.  This is a good opportunity to be listened to with respect and understanding, no matter what your level or path.  Bring your questions, bring your recalcitrant Toastmasters buddies, bring your curiosity to a place where it will be honored.

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Back to the Future!