Club Newsletter Contest 2021: Submissions

By Venkat Raman

The 2021 contest is under way. All the submissions are tracked in a central Google sheet so that the contestants can confirm, in a timely manner, that their submission has been received and posted accurately.

2021 Club Newsletter Contest Submissions

If you have any difficulty in accessing the spreadsheet or you see something inaccurate, please contact right away.

As a reminder to the clubs as well as judges, here’s some recap:

Judging Criteria (from the judge’s worksheet):

For Judges

When in doubt, please consult the original call for judges.

The submissions to be judged are in the spreadsheet above.

The preconfigured worksheet that you can download and use will be posted here shortly.

We are still settling into a rhythm, so please feel free to consume the submissions as they are available, but take steps to judge only in May/June.

For Contestants

Please be mindful of the judging criteria as that is what the judges will be using. At the end of the contest, we’ll put our heads together and discuss where improvements can be made to the criteria for the next year’s contest.

Most importantly, make sure your submissions are reflected correctly in the spreadsheet above.

For your reference, the original announcement of the contest is here.