Coach Yourself to Success by Coaching other Clubs

Did you want to take your “Inspiring, Listening, Persuading, Leadership and Speaking skills to the next level? 

Club coach requires all these skills and more. You will grow exponentially in all the qualities you came to Toastmasters to learn. And let’s face it; the club needs your guidance. Give back to the Toastmasters Community, that launched you!
Think out of the box – Perhaps you want to be a club coach but time, location and such, get in your way. This is 2018, think out of the box….. perhaps you could be a virtual club coach. We know it is best to be at a club in person, to get to know the club members, and if you can do that; it would be our first choice. 
BUT, Toastmasters has virtual clubs now, and once you contacted the club to determine if they want your help, there are 2 attachments here that can help.        1. How to rebuild a Toastmasters club. 2. Application to become a club coach that once the club agrees, you complete and submit to Bett Bollhoefer; D57’s very own Club Growth Director. Email Bett at to get those resources.
She needs to approve the application, based on a club with 12 or less members as of July 1, 2018; and then she will send it to Toastmasters. Once approved by Toastmasters you can start being a Club Coach (but not in a club in which you are already a member). Your goal is to get the club to at least “Distinguished” status by June 30, 2019, and if you miss that deadline, you have another year to keep honing your skills and helping the club & members you are coaching, to reach Distinguished or better. 
It is not hard to be a coach but it does take all your Inspiring, Listening, Persuading, Leadership and Speaking skills to the next level? And you get credit toward your next DTM 
CONGRATULATIONS TO Talia Beigi, Edson Ramos, Karen Leffler, Cynthia Stott, Jolen Philbrook, Nathan Mellin; for having been successful Club Coaches in the past. Perhaps you would like to take on another club deserving of your expertise. 
Watch this Youtube webinar that talks about how to be a club coach:

Clubs in Dire Need of a Coach Right Now. 
Div/Area Club #  Club Name  Members Now
A1 207 Bayfair Toastmasters Club 6
B6 6583838 Hunger Fighters 6
E4 8498 West County Toastmasters Club 7
F16 3730917 Power Speakers 7
D12 931456 Oakland Chamber Toastmasters 8
G10 8886 Cloverdale Club 8
G11 2704 Arcata Toastmasters 8
B27 672973 Speech Masters Toastmasters Club 9
D3 88 Oakland 88 Toastmasters Club 9
E23 4565860 Entrepreneurial Toastmasters 9
G11 6561 Lunch-Bunch Toastmasters Club 9
A22 6781 Coastmasters 10
F20 4160 Diablo View Toastmasters Club 10
F20 949365 Prep Squad 10
H28 1844967 SaaSMasters 10
I29 1458900 Soaring Eagles 10
A1 8586 Cherry City Toastmasters Club 11
A2 3137 Top of the Hill Toastmasters Club 11
A22 1385983 Sweet Talkers-ADC 11
B21 6718 Talksics Toastmasters Club 11
B6 795293 Tales & Tellers Toastmasters Club 11
C8 2024 Napa Toastmasters Club 11
C8 2839 Mare Island Club 11
D14 9389 East Bay Toastmasters Club 11
F20 648709 Ring Masters Club 11
I13 8597 A Cut Above Club 11
B21 998 Sun Valley Toastmasters Club 12
B6 5339 Goal Achievers Toastmasters Club 12
C8 3038 California Maritime Academy TM Club 12
D14 1888470 Vision Masters 12
F20 6135 Telesarians 12


Go to  – and go into “Find a Club” – then enter the club name or number to determine when and where they meet. Find one that works for you and expand your horizons. Think out of the box…… 
Jean Cunningham 
D57 Club Coach Chair 18 / 19
Life is beautiful and full of laughter. Enjoy it.