June DECM Had Overflow Crowd!

The final District Executive Council Meeting (DECM) of the Toastmaster year had an overflow crowd of over 50 Toastmaster representatives from throughout district 57.

This was the transition month when outgoing district leaders reflect on the year — excitement, growth, challenges, and encourage the incoming officers. The morning meeting was capped off by a fantastic barbecue, and photo taking session. 

(left to right) Past District Governors: Tyree Johnson, 2007-2008; Ashley Harkness, 2008-2009; Paula Foster, 2012-2013; Jean Cunningham, 2013-2014; Tod Henry, 2014-2015; Teri McDonald, 2015-2016; Steve Taddei, 2016-2017
(left to right) Randie Ellington, District Director; David Dai, Divicion H Director; Sally Philbin, Division D Director; Julie Garrett, Division C Director; Karen Moirao, Club Growth Director; Kevin Markl, Program Quality Director; Denielle Wiese-Smith, Finance Manager
Karen Moirao, Club Growth Director
(left to right) Steve Mehlman, Area B 7 Director; Diane Pleuss, District Director; Janice Fairfield, Div B Director; Joann Bradley, Area B 21 Director
(left to right) Grillmasters extraordinaire: Duayne Weiler, Logistics Manager (past); Ron Catoire, Logistics Manager (current)