Educational Sessions

The Fall Conference is coming up on Saturday, November 5th, and we have a great group of speakers scheduled to host educational sessions. Here is the list of speakers and their bios – More to come:

How to Own the Stage by Gary C. Smith

DescriptionBody language is responsible for more than 55% of non-verbal communication. Gary’s educational session will explore how to use the stage, speaking area and body language effectively. Attend and learn how your presence impacts the audience, how to choreograph your movement and what posture will empower your presentation.

Speaker BioGary C. Smith has an over 50 year portfolio career. He began his speaking career while at Portland State University as spokesperson for Dr. Warren Wilcox Clinical Psychologist during which he a visualization and relaxation program to the high schools in Portland, Oregon. The program raised self-esteem, developed goals and created stress free educational and work programs. Those techniques have served him in developing careers as an award winning metaphysical book seller, carpenter, building contractor, dancer, human potential trainer, professional bowler, salon owner, sales trainer and marketing director. He is the author of Rainbow Trails a Tarot Coloring Book, How to Own the Stage and SAGE. Currently he specializes in coaching self-esteem, presentation evaluations and curing Seriousitis™.




Stand Up and Be Funny! by Jon Lehre

DescriptionHave you ever seen a stand-up comedian and wished you could be that funny? The biggest myth of stand-up comedy is that comics have to be “naturally funny.” Just as anyone can improve their public speaking with Toastmasters, anyone can succeed in making an audience laugh. Jon’s educational session will explore how stand-up comedians connect with an audience, how you can generate more laughs per minute, improve your comedic timing and your public speaking. Learn what works (and what doesn’t) when crossing over from the Toastmaster meeting to the comedy stage…and back again!

Speaker BioJon Lehre has been a presenter, marketing professional and graphic designer for over twenty years. Having joined Toastmasters in 2013, Jon came in third in the International Speech Contest at the 2015 District 57 Conference. In 2015, Jon accepted the challenge of performing as a stand-up comedian and has appeared in shows at The Punchline, The Foundry, Sally Tomatoes, and other venues in the North Bay and San Francisco. He currently hosts two Open Mic Comedy nights in Sonoma County where beginners and experienced comedians improve their comedic skills. Jon is a former Toastmaster club president and is currently the Sergeant at Arms for Next Level Toastmasters, an advanced club in Santa Rosa.

Putting the Power in PowerPoint
by Teresa Larsen

DescriptionMore than 500 Million use PowerPoint to create 30 Million presentations everyday. Teresa’s educational session will explore common mistakes to avoid, best practices, tips and hacks to make your presentation stand out and how to become a rock star presenter.

Speaker BioDr. Larsen travels all over the world marketing her data visualization consulting and training business through professional speaking. She loves to get up in front of a room to entertain and educate her audience. In April of 2016, she gave her first TED talk in Las Vegas. She mentors and coaches other entrepreneurs on how to fill their calendars with speaking gigs and then helps them prepare engaging presentations that magnetically attract their ideal clients.  


Putting the Power in PowerPoint pdf


How to Build a Brand with Social Media (and Why You Need One) by Shyam Nath

Description: Brand is a reflection of the quality of the product. A strong brand expands professional opportunities and improves club quality. Attend this session and you’ll learn how to build a strong online brand with Social Media to reach your goals whether finding new prospective members, improving member retention or increasing member engagement.

How to Build a Brand with Social Media pdf


Telling Stories “Just Right” by Dennis Dawson & Brendan Murphy

Description: Brendan Murphy and Dennis Dawson discuss and demonstrate how to tell stories in a lively and engaging way without going over the top. Sometimes less is more, sometimes less is less, the trick is finding the sweet spot and getting your gestures, voice, and wording just right!


Telling Stories Just Right pdf



How to Give An Effective Evaluation by Tala Beigi

Description: What makes a good evaluation? There are many, many ways to give an effective and supportive evaluation; however, there are also many, many ways to give a destructive evaluation. Tala Beigi will provide valuable insights based on her experiences in order to help you in delivering organized, concise and effective evaluations that will assist you beyond Toastmasters and well into your everyday life.

Bio: Tala Beigi has been a member of Toastmasters for 4 years. She began as one of the founding members of Voice of the Vikings at Diablo Valley College, and currently she is a dual-member of Walnut Creek Toastmasters and Las Juntas Toastmasters. This year, she is serving as Public Relations Manager for District 57, actively working to create more brand awareness of Toastmasters within the district.

How to Give an Effective Evaluation pdf


Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience by Dennis Neary and George Marshall

Description: The new Toastmasters education program, Pathways (formerly the Revitalized Education Program), will launch soon, with District 57 starting in January. In this session, you will find out how the program is set up, when it starts, how the transition from our current program to the new one will take place, and how to get more information for your club.

Bios: Dennis Neary, DTM, is District 57’s Chief Ambassador for the Pathways program, leading the efforts of the Pathways Ambassadors to make sure all clubs are aware of the new program.

George Marshall, DTM, is a member of the District 57 Pathways Ambassador team.  He is also the District Statistician, and maintains in-depth information on member accomplishments.

 dennis-neary george-marshall

Pathways Overview pdf

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