MasterClass Jobs — Call for Volunteers

By Beatrice Stonebanks, MasterClass Chair

I am now interviewing candidates for each position listed below to join the MasterClass program for D57. Toastmasters will be given first priority in filling all positions. All are volunteer positions for 6 months, beginning October 1st, 2020 and running through March 31st, 2021.

In many cases you can learn the role while on the ‘job’, so don’t be shy to apply!

I’ll answer all questions during a Zoom call: please email me for date/time:


Social Media Manager Overseeing the Social Media strategy for MasterClasses in D57.
Social Media Content Writer Writing, editing and publishing engaging content for various social networks. Optimizing social media posts (language, tone, message) based on our target audience’s behaviors.
Transcriptionist Creating accurate written versions of audio and video recordings, reviewing and editing transcriptions done by speech recognition software, and identifying any inconsistencies.
Project Manager Responsible for planning and overseeing MasterClasses as projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion. Designate project resources,  monitor progress, and keep stakeholders informed the entire way.
Copy Editor Makes sure that a text is readable, accurate and ready for publication. Check all text: MasterClass transcripts and Social Media Posts etc, to ensure it is well written and logically structured.
Proof Reader Performs a ‘quality check’ on all text, before it’s published.  Proofreaders check that: the text matches the original.
Website Liaison To ensure the correctness and timeliness of  MasterClass information on the web and provides a single point of contact with which Web Services can coordinate efforts with the MasterClass Chair.
Website Ninja/Admin Provides administrative support and tasking around all website components.
Press Release Writer Writing press releases and other media communications to promote MasterClasses. Studying the District’s objectives, promotional policies, and needs to build public relations strategies that influence public opinion and promote attendance at MasterClasses.
Mail Chimp Editor Responsible for soliciting materials to be published, determining the MasterClass features for publication, setting and enforcing deadlines, making a final determination about what will be published in an issue, coordinating frequency of publication with current D57 Newsletter Editor.
Mail Chimp Admin Provides administrative support and tasking around all newsletter components. Reports to the Newsletter Editor.
Recording Director Set up and adjust microphones and headsets in recording booths, operate mixers and audio control panels, and advise performers on how to adjust their vocals. They may convert analog recordings to digital formats for editing or transmission through computers, edit recordings or add special effects. All classes will currently be deployed using Zoom features.
Recording Editor Help director to achieve recording excellence by providing administrative support and tasking.
Recording Continuity Manager Responsible for developing, maintaining and testing the MasterClass continuity details: recorded, web based, social etc.
Bio Wrangler Collects bios from all MasterClass presenters inside deadlines, works with content writer, proof reader, continuity manager to coordinate perfection before presentation.
Form Compliance Manager Checks all forms for completion before submission to the MasterClass Chair. Works with MasterClass candidates to gather complete information.
Attendee Manager Reviews, wrangles, vets all attendees: inside and outside of the D57, ensuring they receive attendee details when needed
Zoom Monitor Will customize documentation for all Zoom MasterClass presentations, attend all MasterClasses: trial runs and formal presentations, maintain communication, utilize dashboards and monitor chats during each MasterClass.
Time Monitor Will customize documentation for all Zoom MasterClass presentations, attend all MasterClasses: trial runs and formal presentations, maintain communication, utilize dashboards and monitor chats during each MasterClass.
Graphics Manager Oversee the creation of designs, concepts and layouts where/when needed. Helps in creation of visual imagery through an equivalent combination of visual art, page layout, typography, etc. Creates a style guide for D57 MasterClass program.
Poll Manager Partners with Zoom Monitor and Time Monitor to create and administer Poll questions during MasterClass presentations. Tallies all polls for a data collection for future use. Reports to the Zoom Monitor.
Pricing Manager Researches and presents attendee pricing models for non-Toastmaster members inside and outside of the district. Reports to the MasterClass Chair.
Closed Caption Manager Provides MasterClass attendees with a text version of the audio during a live presentation. Works closely with transcriptionist.
ASL Translator An interpreter must understand the subject matter of discourse so they can accurately translate what is being spoken into sign language during appropriate MasterClass presentations. Accommodations for ASL post-production is more likely.
Hand Off Document Creator Post-MasterClass presentation, all recordings will be stripped of Toastmaster logo and shared with presenter for their own use. Digital file handoff only.