Speakers Bureau Seeks Help

By Gary McKinsey

Do you have experience working with or developing a Speakers Bureau?

Or perhaps you have a speech topic that you know would benefit others and change their lives?

Perhaps you have had the experience of giving a speech in your Toastmasters club, and after the speech, the members come up to you and say, “That was a tremendous speech. Have you considered entering the speech contest? Yours would make a wonderful contest speech.”

Or perhaps they have said you have a fantastic story. People need to hear your story. How you were faced with what looked like an instrumental challenge, how you faced those challenges and overcame them.

If that is you, then you should consider joining the District 57 Speakers Bureau.

However, since the Speakers Bureau is still in the formation stage, I need your help.

The goal is to create a dynamic, vibrant Speaker Bureau where you, the fantastic speaker in District 57, can showcase your talent as a speaker.

My name is Gary McKinsey, and I am the chair for the District 57 Speakers Bureau, and I need your help.

You ask, how can I get involved? Glad you asked.

Here are areas where you can use your talents to assist in building a strong Speakers Bureau.

  • Creating a digital presence within Toastmasters District 57.
  • Developing social media to promote the Speakers Bureau.
  • Designing a universal speaker one-sheet.
  • Identifying speech topics that are appealing within Toastmasters and outside of it as well.
  • Video editing.
  • Identifying an organization outside of Toastmasters that need speakers for their meetings.
  • Introduce members of the District 57 Speakers Bureau to other Toastmasters clubs.

By investing your time and talent in building the District 57 Speakers Bureau, you will develop valuable experiences and skills that you can use to stand out in Toastmasters, within your company, and in life.

My vision for the Speakers Bureau is to create a single location where aspiring speakers, new speakers, and accomplished speakers alike in Toastmasters can sharpen their speaking skills.

As you know, the more opportunities you have to give your speech, the more chances you have to sharpen your presentation. You can then deliver your message with an even more significant impact.

Are you ready to help build District 57’s Speakers Bureau? Yes?

Please contact me at SpeakersBureau@d57tm.org