Toastmasters Ad Campaign is coming! How can your club prepare for it?

Are you prepared for the Toastmasters International digital ad campaign, which will begin in January 2023?  Potential members will be directed to and eventually through Find a Club – perhaps to your club!

Before the ad campaign starts, here are a few helpful tips to help your club convert prospective members.

  1. Update your information. When was the last time your club went into Club Central and made sure your “Club Contact and Meeting Information” is up to date? This information should be updated at least once a year to ensure it is accurate.
  2. Check your email. Get into the habit of checking your email at least every other day to see if anyone has tried to contact your club.
  3. Reply to all emails. If someone reaches out to your club, make sure you reply within 48 hours. People who go through the process to reach out to you are very interested in joining your club, so make sure you are in contact with them. Information about parking and how to get to the meeting room are helpful to add to your reply.
  4. Encourage guests. When someone contacts your club, always include information about your next meeting and ask them to attend as a guest. What better way to understand how a meeting works than to have them attend?
  5. Follow up with guests. Getting someone to attend a meeting isn’t enough. Within 48 hours following a meeting, you should contact all guests, ask if they have questions, and do everything you can to sign them up as a member of your club. For help, check out the “Guest Email Follow Up.” If they do not have interest in joining your club, thank them for their time and wish them well.

Use the information and steps from the Prospective Member Conversion Guide :

Additional resources are available at the TI Digital Ad Campaign Essential Resources page, . Additional information to Club VPPRs is forthcoming in early January 2023.

Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your club as allocated and funded by District 57’s marketing budget of 2022-23.

“You’ve got this!”

Wing K. Lok
2022-23 Public Relations Manager
District 57 Toastmasters