Launch of D57 Awards and Incentives Software Application


November 12, 2022


TO: Club Presidents, Vice Presidents of Education, and Treasurers.

SUBJECT: Launch of D57 Awards and Incentives Software Application

Dear District Leaders and Club Officers:

This year we will be using a new software application to manage our Awards and Incentives Program in District 57.  The Volunteer Incentive Management System (VIMS) is a web-based software system that club officers and appropriate district leaders will be able to access to input the Club’s Incentives accomplishments. The purpose of this email is to introduce the application to you and to identify what this means for you. It also serves as part of our public launch of its usage by our Awards and Incentives Chair, Winnie Ma, along with the developer. They will give a demonstration on its usability.

Why use the VIMS Application

VIMS allows us to manage our club and member incentives in a central location. This makes it easier for both district administrative staff and the appropriate club officers who input the data into the system to have access on demand to the requirements of the incentive, the amount that can be earned in district bucks for the incentive, and when the district bucks have been approved and added to the club’s district bucks account. Additionally, clubs will be able to check their balances on demand without having to contact the District Finance Manager or District Awards Chair.  In essence, it gives club officers easier and greater access to their club’s incentives/district bucks data. It also helps district administrative staff keep track of the incentives that are preferably used by our members, such that those that are not being use are removed from the system.  

What to use VIMS for 

VIMs can be used to review the list of incentives, determine the requirements for each incentive, submit a recognition request after the event is done, see the club’s current district bucks balance, and see the club’s expenses using the district bucks.

Further Support

          Included here for your use is supportive information on the product, a user manual and video. I am inviting you to engage with the application so that you can not only use it for yourself but help club officers who will need to input their member and/or club data into the system. Just click on the links.  Read the manual and watch the video.  Login: Use the manual to login.  Three training sessions have been set up for your attendance. Feel free to attend any one of the three training sessions or all.

Session 1
November 15, 2022, 6PM PT
Meeting ID: 820 0543 6424
Passcode: 708298

Session 2
November 18, 2022,  6 PM PT
Meeting ID: 826 7163 3416
Passcode: 937627

Session 3
December 2, 2022,  6 PM PT
Meeting ID: 820 3396 6960
Passcode: 275543

Our Call to action 

          Participate in the training sessions and start using the VIMS system for your club to check your current district bucks balance, look for incentives to do for your club and submit recognition requests. If you have desire more information, please contact our Awards and Incentives Chair, Winnie Ma.


Carolyn J. Douglas, DTM2
District Director