TLI Dean: 2019 summer sessions train 500 officers!

Julie Garrett, TLI Dean 2019-2020

By Julie Garrett

If you had told me when I first joined Toastmasters, that in 6 years I would be the TLI Dean, first I would have asked you what that was then I would have turned around and ran.  I wasn’t warned so I stuck around and when the question was asked I said ‘yes!’ And I am glad I did.  

In the two sessions that we held, one for the southern part of our district and one for the northern part, we saw approximately 500 club officers receive training, network with others and make new connections.  We saw members who took training prior to the TLI with the intention of leading an officer training session.  And we learned about our Trio and what their roles are in our district. 

We had five months to plan, prepare and jump over obstacles.   My team and I worked hard to secure a location, audition presenters and plan the agenda.  The committee chairs and the day-of volunteers worked hard to put this program together and make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. As always, there were some opportunities for improvement, but we accomplished much. We are Toastmasters, and we learn by doing and then listening to peer evaluations. In that same spirit, I appreciate all those who completed the feedback forms so that we can grow.

I want to thank the committee chairs for everything they did to make our summer TLI an Epic TLI:

Emil Yanos – Facilities Chair
Mechelle Johnson – Volunteer Chair
Curt Hayashida – Registration Chair
Cynthia Stott – Education Chair
Pierre Costa – PR Chair

And thanks are due, of course, to all the day-of volunteers—those who registered as well as those who just showed up; we could not have done without them.

My term as TLI Dean is not over yet and I am looking for team members for the winter TLI in January. If you are interested please email me at

Julie Garrett
TLI Dean — 2019-2020