What needs to be done for an HPL or DTM project?

By Jean Cunningham, HPL/DTM Chair

If you are not sure how to attack these two milestones, now that we are in Pathways, I am here to help. An HPL (High Performance Leadership) project was required to get a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) certification under the legacy program. With the transition to Pathways, rules have changed a little.

Let’s see how you can navigate the path to these two significant accomplishments.

HPL (High Performance Leadership)

There are three Paths that require an HPL project. Others support the HPL as an elective project.

Note: an HPL requires you to pick a project where you are leading 3 to 5 others. Think of project management or something more serious than being a club contest chair as there is really no leading going on with that. Pick a project where you do not get dual credit such as YLP or Speechcraft.

Here’s a quick to-do:

  1. First purchase the books from Toastmasters International
  2. Next, pick a Guidance Committee of 4 to 6 TM members (not the same as action committee people)
  3. Then pick your Action Committee of 3 to 5 people who will be doing the actual work in the project.
  4. Reading the manuals, you personally learn about the 6 dimensions of Leadership.
  5. You and the Action Committee pick a vision and mission, plan of action and who is responsible for which part. (Of note here: YOU DO NOT DO ALL THE WORK. YOU LEAD OTHERS)
  6. Give your initial speech as per the manual.
  7. Start the project – based on vision /mission, and plan of action.
  8. Follow up with the team on a routine basis to determine their progress on their responsibilities. (Best not to hover or micromanage) Identify who needs help with something and either solicit feedback to assist or give advice (Leading involves helping others to grow as well – don’t just give answers; and don’t take it on yourself)
  9. On completing your HPL, remember it is a learning experience for all. The project does not have to succeed as long as you all have learned something from it. If it does succeed … good on you!
  10. Then give your last speech to your club, get VPE approval and submission to TI.

DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster)

Here’s how to get your DTM in Pathways:

  1. Complete one path and at least Level 3 in a second path.
  2. Request Toastmasters International to send you a DTM path.
  3. Read in TI website everything about Pathways DTM.
  4. Read the actual path – determine an appropriate project.
  5. Note: There is no Guidance committee in the DTM Project
  6. Give your first speech regarding the project at your club meeting.
  7. Pick your Action Team, organize your project, execute and then determine your outcome
  8. Your project should be something outside of Toastmasters ideally; or it could be one that benefits outside the club environment, and that you are not getting a dual credit for. Example is being a district chair, or taking on a massive project like getting every club on Meet Up.
  9. Once your project is complete, Deliver your last speech per the pathway.
  10. Submit your DTM to VPE for approval and submission to Toastmasters international.

If you have any further questions about these programs, feel free to reach out to me at jeanscunninghp@gmail.com.