2019 – 2020 District Officer Candidates

The 2018-2019 District 57 Leadership Committee has nominated the following candidates for the 2019 – 2020 term to begin July 1, 2019:

Kevin Markl, ACG, ALB, IP4, MS4

District Director

Bett Bollhoefer, DTM

Program Quality Director

Ashley Ching, PM4, SR4, ALB

Club Growth Director

George Marshall, DTM

Club Growth Director

Neeru Handa, CC, ALB

Division A Director

Steven Mehlman, ACG, ALB

Division B Director

No Candidate Nominated

Division C Director

Jerreau Taylor, ACB

Division D Director

Ramesh Yakkali, ACB, ALB

Division E Director

Hans Thoma, ACB

Division F Director

Terri Boudreaux, ACG, ALB, VC4

Division G Director

Lisa Fairchild, CC, ALB, VC3

Division H Director

Abe Mazliach, ACS, ALB

Division I Director

The District Leadership Committee will continue to work with any “Floor Candidates” and qualify them prior to the election during the business meeting on May 11, 2019. For more information on running from the floor, please contact Randie Ellington, Chair of the 2019-2020 District 57 Leadership Committee at dlc@d57tm.org or visit here for more information.