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The semi-annual District 57 Business Meeting will be part of this conference (learn more about our District meetings here). Every club carries two votes to make decisions on district business that affects your clubs and members. This is also an opportunity to hear from District leadership.

Who should attend?

Any Toastmaster may attend a District Council Meeting. However, only the voting members of the District Council (listed below) may make motions, discuss motions, vote, and transact other business.

Voting members of the district council are the club presidents, vice presidents education or their proxies and the members of the district executive committee: district director, program quality director, club growth director, the immediate past district director, public relations manager, administrations manager, finance manager, division directors and area directors.

2018-2019 Annual District Council Meeting Resources

The Business Meeting Packet is updated as of 5/10/19 and has resources in one place to be prepared for the meeting such as:

Signing up for the Business Meeting

Ensuring we achieve quorum to have your voices heard is critical to the success of our members, clubs and District. Here are easy steps to ensure a successful business meeting:

  1. District Council Members are Club Presidents, VP’s of Education, Area Directors, Division Directors and Executive Leadership.
  2. District Council Members should register to attend the entire Conference on May 11th (paid registration) or to attend just the business meeting (free registration). Check-in at the Credentials Desk on arrival.
  3. Unable to attend? Assigning a proxy to attend on your behalf is easy! Club President’s and VP’s of Education can assign any member in their club to hold their proxy. To assign a proxy, complete this online form with eSignature or download and complete this proxy form. The person taking your place should bring the completed form to the Conference Credentials Desk or email a completed copy/photo of the form to
  4. Review the business meeting materials: agenda, previous meeting minutes, committee reports, and other exhibits.
  5. Any questions? Contact and we will answer them as quickly as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Conference Business Meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is entitled to one vote?

  • Each member of the district council or club proxy for the club president or vice president education in attendance at the District Council meeting.

Who is entitled to two votes?

  • Any active member who carries the proxies of both the club president and the vice president education from the club.
  • A Toastmaster belonging to two or more clubs may cast one vote for each of two clubs, but is limited to a maximum of two votes, regardless of the number of clubs to which they belong.
  • All other Toastmasters (except members of the district executive committee) are limited to a maximum of two votes, regardless of the number of clubs to which they belong.

Who is entitled to three votes?

  • Any Toastmaster who is also a member of the district executive committee.
  • The maximum number of votes that any Toastmaster may cast is three, regardless of the number of clubs to which that Toastmaster belongs.
  • There is no provision for a member of the district executive committee to assign their proxy.

Last updated 4/26/2019