Club Coach Readiness Training Workshops

Prepare to pass the TI required Club Coach Training module located on the Pathways tab at  Matchmaking for those who want to be a Club Coach with those clubs who want a Club Coach in the 2022-23 Club Coach Program! May 15, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM PDT Eventbrite Link: What is…

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D57’s Speakers Bureau

District  57’s Speakers Bureau provides a forum for expanding and growing a community of expert speakers so that they can serve as better communicators and leaders. We facilitate speaking opportunities, for our members, within District 57 as well as with community organizations. More information about the District 57 Speakers Bureau is coming soon……….  

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2021-2022 Club Ambassador

Want to Serve the District in an Important Role?
Complete a Level 4 or 5 Leadership Project in Pathways by being a D57 Club Ambassador!

We Are Looking for Voracious Toastmasters Who Want a Great Challenging Pathways Project

It is a new role called  the Club Ambassador!


Provide guidance to struggling clubs that do not qualify for a Club Coach  
An example would be a club with 14 members and their DCP score is 0, 1 or 2


Help a struggling club increase their DCP Score by a minimum of 2 points before June 2022
(serving as a Club Ambassador does not require adhering to the rigorous Club Coach requirements)


Proactively help clubs before they slip into the situation where they desperately need a Club Coach
Lead a team of at least 3 including the appropriate Area Director
Learn hands-on club mentoring/coaching techniques that could be leveraged later towards obtaining your DTM 
Obtain credit in Pathways as the leader of a Level 4 or 5 Leadership or HPL Project
WIN-WIN Approach!


Awards for Excellent Club Ambassadors presented at the Year-End Ceremony in July 2022
Recognition by the Trio and Across the Entire District

So what are you waiting for? 
Reach out to me at

Bill Holsey, DTM
Club Ambassador Chair