Club Newsletter Contest 2020

By Venkat Raman
IMPORTANT: Please check the May 26 update to submission guidelines below!


We are happy to kick off our newsletter contest!

If you haven’t attended the Newsletter Masterclass on April 20, and haven’t seen its archive recording yet, please view it here. You can access the slide deck here. Several ideas and tips for launching your club email newsletter were presented in the masterclass.

Here are the incentives and rules for this contest:



Please use the following guidelines for preparing your club newsletter for submission:

  • The newsletter is expected to be club-centric. A well designed one will be for the members, about the members, and by a member of the club 🙂
  • The newsletter should be at least monthly in frequency. There should be one (or more) issue for each calendar month.
  • If you don’t already have a club newsletter, you can start one now.
  • It must be distributed as an email that would reach all members of your club. (Typically emails with attachments or hyperlinks fit the bill)
  • There are no rigid requirements for the format of the newsletter, but there are some reasonable ones to manage this process. It can be in printed form (but represented by a PDF file), or it can be emails with the newsletter contents in the body with suitable links etc. Essentially, it can be in any form that is possible to disseminate digitally and can be submitted online for evaluation.
  • Once submitted, you are implicitly giving permission to the district for using it in district communication regarding the program, the results, or even showcasing for any purpose in the future. Please make sure your content is in alignment with this policy.
Submission Guidelines:
  • The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2020. No late submission will be accepted.
  • All submissions must be through email to No exceptions. The judging panel is not responsible for misdirected emails.
  • The submission email subject line must have the same subject line that you use for the newsletter sent. If you wish to include archive copies, you can attach them to a single (separate) email with the subject line “<club name> newsletter contest submission – archive copies”
  • Submission email must be same in form as what is sent to the club members and anyone else. If you work with a mailing list, add the submission email address to that list so we see exactly how you send your newsletters.
  • At a minimum, two issues of your newsletter should be submitted: For example, April and May 2020; or multiple weeks that include dates in May 2020. At least one of the newsletter issues submitted should be from the month of May.
  • [May 26 Update] In addition to sending the actual newsletters, One additional email should be sent to the submission email address of This email should be sent by May 30 with the subject line “Newsletter Contest Entry Info” and the body must contain the following information:
    • Name of the newsletter (if any)
    • Name of the club
    • Club ID number
    • Period of publication (weekly, monthly, etc)
    • Name of Newsletter Editor
    • Email address of the Editor
    • Sender email address for the newsletter (‘from’ address)
  • We will confirm receipt of this informational email and only on that confirmation you can be sure that you are in the mix of newsletters being judged. We don’t want any missed submissions. We would like you to send it by May 30, so as to give us a day to clear up any issues. 

We will announce the awards in June 2020. Decisions of the judging panel are final.

I am excited to see what creativity and amazing talents this initiative will reveal. Start planning your newsletters now, and heed the submission guidelines to be in the running for an award.

If you have any questions about this contest, please send them to me at This email address is only for questions and clarifications, not for submission.

Venkat Raman
District 57 Newsletter Editor